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Jenna Von See

Image result for jenna von see law Jenna Von See is a third year law student at Florida State University, and serves as the Editorial Chair for the FSU Law Moot Court Team. As a law student, Jenna has developed an interest in criminal law and public interest work. She is a proud “double Nole” having also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from FSU.

Her involvement with International Insights stems from her incredible participation in the FSU International Human Rights Takeover; International Insights is grateful for her continuing contribution to the conversation on international human rights. Her works include:

Jenna Von See, Juvenile Justice: The United States’ Effort to Catch Up to International Law, Int’l Insights (Dec. 18, 2017).

Jenna Von See, I Will Not Be Intimidated: One Man’s Quest to Bring His Tormenters to Justice, Int’l Insights (Oct. 29, 2017).


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