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Breaking Bad in International Law: The Troubling Specter of Efficient Breach in Syria

By Edward Grodin, Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Articles Selection Editor Two wrongs don’t make a right. Every child knows that axiomatic statement.  Responding to a wrong with another wrong will not vindicate your response. Yet, this seems to be the path upon which the United States and select allies have set themselves in Syria.  Secretary … Continue reading

An Informative Compilation of Recent News and Scholarly Works About U.S. Intervention in Syria

One of the great things about being based out of FSU College of Law is that JTLP’s members are able to work with our school’s team of excellent librarians, many of whom hold J.D.’s and are experts on specific areas of law. Professor Margaret Clark and third-year law student Lesley Boyd recently wrote a research … Continue reading