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Asylum Seekers in America: The Plight of Unaccompanied Alien Children

By: Christie Arnold           International asylum law is centered on respecting and defending human rights while providing a safe space for citizens whose ability to live in their home countries was severely violated.  In the U.S. context, the legal relief of asylum grants persecuted people the right to live and work here, and be put … Continue reading

China’s Economic Slowdown: Inevitable but Not Permanent

By Michael Eylerts In the early 1990s, foreign investment in China increased dramatically and played a major role in the nation’s economic rise throughout the 90s and the early 2000s[1].  In 2004, China’s GDP was estimated around $1,649.3 billion and was ranked number 7 internationally[2].  However, by 2014, China was ranked second, with an estimated … Continue reading

Faith or Family: The Effects of Catholicism on Civil Union Legislation in Italy

By: William Eugene Tipton New legislation is up for vote in the Italian Legislature pertaining to the legal recognition of same-sex civil unions. Currently, Italy does not have any safeguard in place to protect homosexual couples rights to parenthood or spousal employment benefits. The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Italy for failing to … Continue reading