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An American Deserter in Europe: Asylum Law, War Crimes, and the Curious Case of Andre Shepherd

By Edward Grodin, Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Editor-in-Chief Can an American servicemember qualify for asylum protections in Europe where he deserted for fear of committing war crimes? This question was recently answered in the affirmative by the Court of Justice of the European Union.[1] Andre Shepherd enlisted in the U.S. military in late … Continue reading

Corporate Inversions: An Attempt to Make Substance Track Form

By Ted Stotzer, Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Member “Corporate inversions,”[1] essentially a form of tax arbitrage (whereby a domestic corporation purchases[2] or more commonly merges[3] with a foreign rival incorporated in a foreign “tax haven” jurisdiction to reduce or eliminate its tax exposure),[4] are hot right now: according to the Ways and Means … Continue reading