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Steroids and State Sovereignty: Who Has the Last Laugh in International Steroids Regulations?

By: Muriel Jones, Member of Journal of Transnational Law & Policy In light of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the world once again becomes captivated by the unique snow-oriented sports and conditioned athletes who have become masters of their craft. Behind the quirky sports, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) is coordinating an enormous body … Continue reading

What Has Been the Impact of the 2016 Olympic Bid on Environmental Efforts Throughout Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

By Michael Kelly, Member of Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Overview With Brazil’s longstanding history of environmental transgressions and deterioration, this blog post will discuss the regulatory structures that are in place from the International Olympic Committee (hereinafter “IOC”) and Brazilian Government to ensure that the Rio Olympics are the greenest games to date. Since … Continue reading