JTLP’s Senior Articles Editor, Margaret Spicer, recently wrote a post for one of the other international law blogs we follow, Int Law Grrls! She wrote the post with professor Mark Drumbl after moderating a panel at a Southeastern Association of Law Schools conference on”The Law and Politics of International Criminal Prosecutions.” Professor Drumbl teaches at Washington & Lee Law School and is the director of the Transnational Law Institute. He has written numerous critically-acclaimed articles and books, including a 2012 book about reforming international law and policy that relates to child soldiers. Professor Drumbl’s biography and information about his work is available at http://law.wlu.edu/faculty/profiledetail.asp?id=11.

Margaret and Professor Drumbl’s post discusses the future viability of international criminal law as an accountability mechanism for episodes of mass atrocity, and is a great read for anyone with an interest in the topic.  The link is below.