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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Goes Hollywood

By: Heather Ham-Warren, Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Articles and Notes Editor Given China’s importance in the international market, it is no surprise that the Obama Administration has kept a watchful eye on possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) between American businesses and Chinese officials. The FCPA has two main provisions.  … Continue reading

Desalination as a Pathway to Peace

“Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink!”  – Samuel Taylor Coleridge By: LeeOr Deutsch, Journal of Transnational Law & Policy Member The Middle East has been a region of conflict for centuries. Throughout history, borders have changed, new regimes have entered the arena, and religion has consistently fanned the flames of struggle. Additionally, a … Continue reading

Treasure and Salvage in Florida and Abroad

By: C. Claire Armagnac, Journal of Transnational Law and Policy Associate Editor U.S. federal courts’ rulings on shipwreck salvage cases, such as Florida Dept. of State v. Treasure Salvors, Inc., 458 U.S. 760 (1982) and Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. Unidentified Shipwreck Vessel, 657 F. 3d 1159 (11th Cir. 2011) have set the stage for … Continue reading